Michi S/S 2012


Fun futuristic fashions for the female workout warrior

Channelling George Orwell’s famous novel 1984, the Michi SS’12 show began with grainy black and white footage of industrial machinery trudging away in some ambiguous warehouse. Through this environment came the first sights and sounds of the showcase. One model in second skin body-con became flanked by two more on each side creating a dynamic girl band outfitted in the sexiest Jazzercising ensembles one could ever imagine. Bondage straps, cut outs, mesh and panelling were the staples of the collection whose palette was cranberry, mustard and amethyst balanced by black and white. While there was an abundance of garments that were both body-hugging and body-baring, a balance was achieved with a few light and loose pieces that swung in the air as the vivacious models danced down the runway to up-tempo music. Not for the shy or self-conscious, the Michi show was a breath of fresh air against stale, safe or predictable fashion.

Written by Mirian Njoh

For more looks and where to purchase: michiny.com

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