Lala Berlin S/S 2012

Leyla Piedayesh's fun, sheer and futuristic compositions for Lala Berlin. - Photos by Opique

Tints and pastels created a soft and airy opening to the LALA Berlin show. Cream, lavender and seafoam green blended together in a marbling effect featured on dresses, tops and trousers. There is a universal feeling of whimsical weightlessness echoed in the super light and loose-fitting garments that seemed to flow and undulate as the models walked. The garments can best be described as “open concept” with many being somewhat translucent and others featuring cut-outs. Despite all this exposure, there is no feeling of overt sexualization. Sequins and big, soft knits hung from the models that resembled glitter-faced pixies far more than Hollywood sexpots. Midway through the show shades and tones overtook the airy pastels. The marbling was replaced by another large scale print, this time a crystal kaleidoscope of natural earth tones and turquoise. These deeper hues add weight to the collection. While still girlishly demure, they were the gravity that grounded this very dreamlike runway show.

Written by Mirian Njoh

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